Logic Pro 9 SMPTE & Transient Prefs


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After being a 15+ year Pro Tools LE and HD :)user I am making the switch to Logic. So far I'm liking Logic and am slowly getting used to the GUI and the differences in workflow. There are a couple of things I'd like to see that would make me very happy. The first being a way to universal preference that would switch all time values to SMPTE. I have managed to switch most functions, but there are several places that it has to be switched. One place that I have been unable to change to SMPTE is in the bounce range field, it only offers bars.
The other thing is a way to disable transient detection in the arrange window so I can move selections by region boundary instead of transients.
If I am missing something, them please forgive me and enlighten.


1) I don't think this is possible in Logic 9.1.1
2) Transient detection only happens automatically if you have Flex (Elastic Time) enabled for that track.

Anyway - what exactly do you mean by "move selections by region boundary"? If you want to move a region instead of it's transients, you can do this either by disabling Flex View (in the Toolbar) on Flexed tracks, or by grabbing the regions in their upper part (where the region name is). But I have to admit that I don't know exactly what you are missing...
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