Logic Pro X Snap Question - Sorted


HI Guys

Well with the help of Eli this question has now been sorted.

If you set the Snap to Ticks in the snap menu,it has the same effect as turning Snap off.
There isn't an Off function,Ticks is the way to go.

I also asked how to drag the beginning of a Track so i could get rid of the silence before the track started.

Make sure the Pointer tool is selected,then position it at the beginning of the track towards the bottom.

When the pointer changes,hold down the left mouse button and drag the line to the desired position.
It will look like the track is only being highlighted but when you have it in the desired position,just release the mouse button and the selected part will disappear.

I must thank Eli for his patience and understanding regarding this,without his help I would still be looking for the answer.



Thanks Alan for sharing with us the solution, and for Eli for the help he gave Alan. Great forum!