Logic Pro 9 Snap tool


I'm not sure if there's other key commands but what I do is> "Set left locator by playhead" then use the key command "Go to selection start"
which is in key commands Opt/K I can't recall if these are preset key command. But after you've recorded the region will already be selected so all you'll need to do is "Go to selection star". Mines set to Shift/Enter, but as I mentioned I can't recall if it's preset or not?

I also like to select the recorded region and use "set locators by regions/events/marquee" (key command) Then use the key command "go to left locator".
Also if you wanna stay at the position your about to record from just set your locators and toggle back when ever. There's also a great command "Discard recording and return to last play position".....hope that's what you were after?
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