Logic Pro 9 Snapping MIDI data


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I'm having a few annoyances with the piano roll in Logic 9. I'm using audio to score to convert recorded drum tracks to MIDI notes. Once converted, they are in time but dotted between several different keys on the piano roll.

I would like to be able to use a "snap all" function to set every MIDI note to the same key say for example C1. At the moment I am having to drag each note to the key that I want which is time consuming and annoying. Is there any way of setting all notes to the same key?!

Also, is there any way of selecting multiple MIDI notes and setting them to the same velocity value?!


Pete Thomas

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I would use an event list window, then select the notes and hold SHIFT + OPTION (ALT) while moving to the pitch or velocity value.


You can try to use the Transform using the setting shown in the image below. Note this method is an answer to the both questions you have posted so you can do that in one go. The transform Pitch operation is set to C1 (while the condition is "All") and the velocity operation is set to fixed value 90.



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Thanks to you both - I have used both methods which have worked fine. Cheers for taking the time to post the screen shot as well! That's hours of monotonous work saved, thanks again! :D