Logic Pro 9 So, what is your "favorite" iPad Logic control app?

OK, I've tried a batch of control app for Logic on my iPad.

Some seem ok (Yamaha's fader app is exceptional, but doesn't do track based automation, only region), some so so (no names), and some, well lets just say, I got em, bought a few that I will NEVER use, and wish I'd spent my $$ better ways.

What is your favorite, and why? Needs to be an iPad app, any cost is ok as long as it works, so Luggers, let's hear what you like, ok?


Hey Atlas,
Ney control has a MAJOR bug with Midi Over Lan on a slave system. It has consistently brought our slave Windows 7/VEpro system down with the BSOD EVERY time we have tried to use it.

it's cool, hope they can fix the bug, right now it's a $50 investment in nothing...

Bummer. Sure looks awesome.
Sorry to hear that...
I am personally not affected as I don't use VEpro, which BTW is apparently known for other issues when running on various (32/64)bits system...
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