Logic Pro 8 Software instrument unexpected key change

All of sudden, all the notes in my song, that is played by a software instrument have all changed keys and sounds like its playing everything backwards or upside down. Why is this and how can i get it back to how i recorded it?
Can somebody PLease tell me why all my notes get completely screwed up and turned into different notes when i cut out a section and merge other sections together using the software piano instrument. Ive spent 5 hours on it tonight, and it limited me from editing because it throws the whole song off.

PLease Help, someone, thank you
ok, i looked at the transposition and key signature options in the piano roll, and tried to change them but it made no difference, how can i fix it?
it doesnt make sense, if i drag the track it changes all the notes and makes something nice sound a tonal. Does this make sense? Why does it do that and how can i move the region down as many bars as i want without having it change all the notes?
OK, i finally figured out exactly what was happening. I recorded a jazz piece in a global software (midi) piano instrument not knowing that it saved the chord progression i was using in every bar, so all the transpositions and intervals were saved- i then decided i didnt like my middle part, so i cut it out and thought i could just drag the 2nd half to connect with the beginning like one would merge or copy and paste in audio, however even though my notes were no longer there, the intervals i used in my notes were there and were saved and were effecting the new set of notes when i brought over the other section. Thats why all my notes sounded completely different.
Heres my question- is there a way to record in midi so that i can copy and paste like i do in audio. Is there a way to get rid of or not record with the interval/transposition recording every move? It seems like this limits a person, if they want to copy and paste. How do i record software instruments without having the transposition record going on at the same time? Thank you for your help.
The answer is simple. Don't use the Global Tracks for chords or transposition. Just leave them alone at their defaults and forget about them. Then play/record in your midi parts as you want them and you can freely move them around.
Thanks, sounds good, ya i dont even remembering messing with them, because i usually could move them around in the past, but i must have messed with the global tracks by accident and didnt realize it, i'll be sure to just leave them at their defaults. Thanks so much