Solid State Hard Drive for Mac Pro?


Anyone here have knowledge or experience on using solid state HD or hybrid solid state HD for speedier performance?
I am on a 2.8GHz Dual Quad core and was thinking of upgrading. What I have read is apps load faster.
How small an SSD would work if I just put the system and apps on it, and kept all other files on additional installed internal HD?


I have the same machine and recently changed th startup drive to an SSD (480GB Sandisk) and the difference is unbelievable ... 13 seconds to boot up and apps load almost instantaneously. I would suggest getting the biggest one you can afford. They have been getting cheaper and a lot better value for money.


Just popped a crucial 512 gb (Amazon, $400) and have the same machine as you. Now I boot up in 30 seconds verses 2 mins, 30 seconds. I love it and highly recommend it. I'll be getting one for my project drive as well as I did some tests and projects running from the sdd are registering less hard drive work load.