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Wondering if anyone has come across this.
I'll open my existing logic sessions and there is often a track that will appear in the Track Mixer, in SOLO SAFE mode. (red diagonal line through the SOLO button)

I know that OPTION clicking the SOLO button switches the SOLO behavior back to normal operation. I do this, and save the session.

Sometime later either the same channel or another one will go into SOLO SAFE mode.

This has been happening for the past couple of years and on several machines.
Mac Pro, iMac and MacBook Pro 13 & 15in.

Could it be a bug in my session files?
Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Hi there, welcome to the LUG.

This is intentional, not a bug. Logic will always select the last Audio Channel in a project to use for the sample editor. In order to always make this available for audio playback, it is set to solo safe so that soloing other tracks/channel strips will not effect it. The solution is to ensure that the last channel strip in your project is one that you will not be using for anything, the fader is set to zero, panning is centered and there are no plugins used. IIRC this feature was introduced with Logic 8, prior to that it was possible to select a channel strip in the audio environment layer through which audio in the sample editor could be played.

kind regards

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Mark - Thank you..!! That could explain why sometimes there would be no monitoring in sample editor. If the solo safe track is muted.

If the session is saved with the track NOT in solo safe, does Logic returns it's status to Solo Safe?
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Hi ccbass,

Not sure if this relates to your situation, but the behavior you are describing famously occurs when opening either Garage Band projects, or older Logic 7 Projects in the current Logic 9 version. If this does apply to you, the best solution is to rebuild your default template(s) from scratch in Logic 9.
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