Logic Pro 8 Solo strings without breaking the bank


So I sat down to try to make a rudimentary string quartet, and I realized that all the strings in Logic are ensembles! I guess I could use those, I'm really just making score for my daughter's quartet, but I do wonder: if I wanted to get some half-decent violin, viola and cello samples without spending huge on VSL or something, what should I look at?

A couple of years ago I got a really nice patch of long-note cello samples from Irish cellist Claire Fitch as a free download, and that's the kind of thing I'm looking for. Anyone have a line on a secret stash of cheap (or free) solo string samples?
Many thanks to both of you.

Mark, I won't know until I've built an EXS patch or two whether the student playing will make a reasonably convincing ensemble player, but that was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Eddie, I used to actually have all 5 disks in this library, but my ex-partner 'accidentally' packed them in his things when the company split up, so the only samples I have are for an ensemble playing long notes, which I use a lot. I honestly don't remember there being solo strings in there, but I used to abuse my brain cells a lot in those days... The price is definitely what I was looking for though! Thanks again.

Sonny Keyes
Ricochet Audio
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Hi Peter

Hehe, you got me to open Kontakt 3 to make sure. I am more involved in recording other people as opposed to arranging, I'm certainly not using these on a daily basis, so had to double check but yes, I see that both the Gold Pro XP and Platinum libraries have solo viola, along with violin, cello and contrabass. The EWQLSO Gold Library OTOH doesn't appear to have solo strings.

kind regards

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now you're confusing me, Mark :)
I have EWQLSO and it has solo vln, vcl. not a lot, mind


Which EWQLSO Version Peter? Looking here:


There are the Silver, gold, platinum, platinum plus versions in the play editions (AFAIK, they would include East Wests Play software).

I started with EWGLSO Gold, back then it came with the Kompakt Player licenced from NI, at some stage I upgraded to Pro XP Gold, then to Platinum. As the Kompakt Player supplied with them was not UB, In order to run these libraries in Logic on my Intel Mac I use Kontakt 3.

Perhaps Silver and gold are lacking some instruments included in the larger versions?

kind regards

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