Logic Pro 8 Some Channel Strips don't sound the way they used to...


I was an avid L7 Pro user. I bought a new Mac and purchased L8 Pro a couple of months back.
Since I still had old L7 Pro projects open & working, I decided to finish those L7 projects before moving on to the new system with L8.
Then, L9 Pro came out. I decided to jump in & upgrade.

My issue has to do with legacy channel strip settings for instruments...
Some of them just sound off.:eeek:
Did the architecture in some of Logic's synths change drastically since L7?
I'm specifically talking about the ES2. I had some great synth set-ups (with plugs etc) that I would use on L7. When I open it up in L9, they sound like some of the ES2's filters are wide open.:confused:
I even went back to my old computer, opened L7, resaved the ES2 patch and moved it to the new system.
When the ES2 opens the old synth patch, it sounds like some of the synth's parameters are not translating to L9.:confused:

Anyone experience this or have any advice other than, re-tweaking the L9 ES2?

Thanks in Advance.

You can have L7 and Logic 9 on the same machine. I do this so that I can convert older versions as L9 won't open L4 and earlier. (or is it L5?)

Anyway it would be interesting to do a bounce ofeach and compare directly, e.g. play the bounces together with one phase inverted and see what happens.

Upload one of your patches here (can we do that?) and I'll be interested to test this when I get a minute.
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Hey Pete,
Are you saying I should upload the L7 & L9 ES2 respective versions of the same patch to hear the difference?
I can tell you, the problem seems to be the way the L7 ES2 patch translates to the L9 ES2.
The L9 version is brighter, the cut-off seems to be at a default of 12 o'clock...
Come to think of it, that "Macro" bar on the bottom of the ES2 looks new to my Logic 7 eyes... Could this be the culprit?

-FWIW, I'd be happy to upload patches if this helps.:thmbup:

:huh:ADMINS, How do I do that?

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...OK... I'm at work now (on a PC) and I brought that ES2 patch to upload...
I just tried to upload here & I got an "unknown file" error message but I don't know why... Granted, Windows does not know what to make of the ES2 .pdf file, but... it's just a file... Don't know why it won't load from this PC.

Well, it IS a PC. har har har.

I will try later tonight from my Mac I suppose...
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