Logic Pro X Some key commands stop working intermittently


T for tools , for rewind stops working and nothing really fixes this.

These 2 key commands create a MIDI region instead of doing what they're supposed to do...

Restart Logic or Mac does not fix it...

Then it will be OK for a day or 2...

Any ideas?


This happens on certain projects...
They are all started in Logic 9.
I add an audio track and KCs don't work anymore....
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Have you tried to just reset all key commands? You will loose any custom ones (yea, a bummer for sure) but they tend to work properly after this.

One other thing you can try is to use the "DisK Utility" app to repair permissions, then reset your key commands, in case something has gotten messed up at a system preference level.
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I always use the Option key with up/down/sideways scrolling on the Apple mouse. Works a treat to Zoom to whatever view you may want.
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Hi Yavuz,

the things about your comment that this seems to be happening on certain projects: the key commands is a Logic application preference, not a Logic song specific one. So, whatever is causing the issue, it's unlikely being caused by the key command preference file.

What happened when you did what I suggested, to the songs that seemed to be messed up?
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It happened again.
This time a brand new project that started ion Logic X.
I created a marker with a keyboard shortcut then boom.
Most keys I press is realised as Keyboard input by Logic Pro X.
For instance I press G to show global tracks and Logic inputs G3 to the selected tracks MIDI region.
When I went back one step before in Undo History, I was able to save the project and keep KCs working.

Is there a Keyboard Input mode that I am activating by mistake?
If there is such thing how do I deactivate it?
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Hey Yavuz,

This sounds to me like it may be a problem with control surface setup/prefs. Try using the rebuild defaults command in the Control Surface menu under the Logic Pro X menu at the upper left. That should do it. If not, check out the Control Surfaces setup window. Maybe trash what's there and rebuild as necessary.


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He already tried all that.

After playing with the file you sent over, it appears that the "G" key enables the "Step Input Keyboard" so you make a G note in your region. The even more bizarre thing: when I press the G key using the search command in the key commands editor, it selects "step Input Keyboard" even though there is no letter assigned to it.

Try to reassign the "Hide/Show Global Tracks" to another key than G, say F1 or Control/Command G" and see if the behavior stops...

Yes, seems like a bug to me.
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