Logic Pro 9 some one please help


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im running an 828mk3 and a imac 10.6.8. im also using logic pro 9 . i'm trying to record a guitar track in logic using logics guitar rigs. i cannot play at full volume because me signal clips. to get a nice low signal my volume on my guitar has to barely be on. i refer to books and they all tell me the same thing, turn the mic pre amp gain knob down to adjust the level. this is not possible on the 828mk3. i w as advised from another forum to post my question heresome one tell me what i should do?:brkwl:
The trim controls next to the mic/instrument sockets on the front panel don't control the gain? I'm surprised.

Have you tried the pad button?

Also, there's supposed to be a toggle between the low-impedance XLR mic input and the high-impedance quarter-inch guitar input jack.

I don't own one, but have used lots of MOTU gear.
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What kind of guitar are you trying to record?
How do you connect your guitar? DI? After amp? After mix console? After mic?
How about using the Gain plug-in as first instance to decrease the level? Although, that would not prevent clipping...
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I think one of the inputs on the 828 are high impedance (designed for guitar rather than a mic). It's often the last one available (number 8) or it can also be on the front.

If not, you will need a D.I box, about $100 for an ok one.
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