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Some years back Sonnox (or then Sony Oxford) were widely regarded as being among the very best. Is this still so.
I have the EQ and the compressor which both are very good I find. Unfortunately they are in the Powercore X8 version so at some point I will have to crossgrade them to keep using them which is not free.
That is why I am tempted to buy the Elite package at the current Don'tCrack group buy which looks like it will reach the 50% discount which will be 599 dollars. Are they worth that.
It's not that I think it's very expensive, it's more that I already have Sonorus, UAD2, PSP etc to choose from. Do you find that Sonnox is one up on Sonorus or is it apples and oranges......
I like the Sonorus user interface a lot and if you can reply to this question you will know that the Sonnox are very similar.
Finally, so why don't I just judge for myself since I already have two of them. It's because I somehow never got into the habit of using them because they were part of the abandoned Powercore platform and now I find I'm running out of time because the groupbuy is only on until the 25th...


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I moved from the Powercore versions to Native as soon as they became available, and just recently upgraded to 64 bit. No regrets, I like using the Sonnox stuff (Dynamics, EQ, Inflator, REverb and Trans Mod). Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself though, if you prefer Sonnox Apples or Sonorus Oranges. Personally, I like a mixed diet :)

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Interestingly, I was curious about the very same offer. I used the Sony Oxfords back in the PowerCore days and liked them a lot.

Ultimately, I just have so much good stuff, it almost becomes a burden to have them, you know? I find myself reaching for Logic Pro's compressor, Linear EQ, etc. half the time just because I know them and they're great "bread and butter" instruments.

Your Mileage may vary, of course. :)



What to do, what to do.....
It's a no win situation, if I buy them I probably won't use them much because my habits leads me towards others. If I don't I will always wonder if I should have.
Like I explained in the first mail I do have the EQ and the compressor and both are fine but not really better then Sonorus just (slightly) different. At the moment I'm tempted to pass on the group buy but that may change within the next days....


I couldn't resist and joined the groupbuy:) Now I just need it to end so I can get my hands on the stuff.....

Happy X-mas everybody and thanks for chipping in