Hey All,

I'm currently thinking about upgrading my home music system and am looking at and hearing good things about the new Sonos system:

It basically involves hooking up their "bridge" unit to your router, and then placing their wireless speakers that have wifi receivers in them throughout the house. Playback is controlled form computer/iPad/iPhone and you can stream music from any computer or iOS device hooked up to the network to any of the speakers throughout the house.

I heard it briefly in an actual real bricks and mortar store, but it's hard to ascertain a definitive impression in this kind of less than ideal setting.

It all looks good on paper, but I'm always a bit suspicious about these systems that have automatic dynamically set crossovers that adjust to the music, and frequency controls that kick in automatically.

Does anyone know or have have any first hand experience with this system? Or other info, insights, etc?