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At Film Annex we've launched a sound design contest and thought you would be interested!

Here how it works. You download 'Nicky's Film', a black and white Abel Ferrara movie which has no audio. You have to add the music, sounds and dialog for the film. It's a great opportunity to make your own version of a movie and express your talent!

The films will be judged by Abel Ferrara and his creative team. And the winner gets to meet the director.

Check out all the details here


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The objective of our sound design and remix film contest is to add audio (dialogs, music, sound design...) to an early Abel Ferrara's movie that lacks audio.
The movie is called 'Nicky's Film' and yo can download it on our website.
You can also make your own version of the film adding new footage to it.

The submitted films will be judged by Abel Ferrara and his creative team. The winner will get the chance to meet Abel Ferrara in person.

About our company, Film Annex, we are on online movie and video platform and we provide filmmakers the opportunity to upload for free their films on our website so they can reach a larger public and get help to finance their projects.


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Here are a few more details...

The uploaded materials will be hosted on for promotion, and Film Annex will invite the participants to upload more of their content on its platform.

If the participant chooses to withdraw his/her submission after the contest is over, they may do so.

The personal data will not be shared with any third party sites.

Good luck!