Sound diver for mac osx

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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone would be so kind as to help me out here. I have and access virus T1 and have been meaning to do the virus programming tutorial for some time and now I finally have the time to do so!

The tutorial discusses using Sound diver as a means a backing up and managing patches and I cannot however find a version anywhere on the web. All links point to either a a page not found on the apple site or the same at the ftp area of emagic site.

The tutorial also states that a version of soundiver comes on the disc supplied with my virus which is the T1 desktop, I do not see this software on the install disc I have. Anyone else have a virus T1 with this software on the disc?

Can someone help me with a version of this software or perhaps another suggestion about how best to manage the backups of banks from my virus. I am aware I can simply dump them using sysex however that seems like a very rudementary way to complete this task. Since the tutorial suggests using soundiver that would of course be my preferred method.

kind regards and happy music making
Derek Paterson
Perspex People
Sounddiver is an plder Application that only works on certain OS versions and this depends on which version of the Apple OS you are actually running. Please include your computer and OS info.