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Hey, Just wondered if any of you guys knew a way to create sound effects in logic. been set an assignment to put sound to a short film with out using samples. I'm about half way through and got stuck cant seam to make tou sounds i want, I've used sculpture, klopfgeist, efm1 and es2. I need to make metalic, sliding and water squirting sounds amoungst some others and would greatly apreciate anyhelp.
The short answer:
You got to learn that.

The long answer:
Sound design is a wide area and you need a lot of experience, good ears, knowledge, ideas, visions, and so on. You cannot just learn sound design in common. Every sound designer works in a specific area. Nobody can tell you how to design sound, only how to design a particular sound. So, if you can describe a sound in detail or - much better - post a sound example, here are several people who can tell you about methods to create such a sound.

Btw, you said metallic and water, for that you already had a good tool under your fingers, Sculpture. This is a very powerful synth and works with physical modeling. It is very complex like any other physical modeling software and you need some time to get familiar with it. Sculpture simulates vibrating cylindrical objects. You can modify the dimensions of the object (I think), you can choose and morph the materials and the virtual object can be plucked, bowed or blown.
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i can do sound design using samples just never done it with out if that makes sense. I have been using sculpture alot but no where to its full potential never used it before, cant seam to get the morph pad to do what i want it to, i want to put sound to marble run toy like this http://www.oldfashionedblocks.com/641_ARCHIMEDES.jpg but smaller only 3 or 4 shelves and made of metal, i assume i can make it in sculpture with the morph pad but i cant work out how. i need to make a sound thats a sort of squelching spraying sound like when you squirt water out of a windscreen wiper thing, ( sorry not very good with words.) also need to creat lots of little different metalic clangs n contact noises ( can do this in autonation but once again i cant get it to work :brkwl:) I cant use all sculpture as we have to use other ones aswell or we'll lose marks.
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So, this is an assignment for school? :eeek:
I never really understand assignments that handy-cap you right out of the gate... :confused:
If the point of this assignment is to make you use synthesizers to create otherwise sampled sounds then you'll need oodles of time and years of experience learning about the different kinds of synthesis and which ones have strengths for certain applications, (example: for metallic sounds, one might turn to an FM synthesizer as it lends itself very well to clangy sound-making.)
But for every rule like that there are 1000 other avenues to be explored!
What is your delivery time for this project?
What, may I ask, is this class for?
Are you restricted to only using Logic's VI's?
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