Sound in Left Side Only?

HI All

I am so frustrated it's unbelievable.

I play a backing track and the sound comes from both sides of the phones.

I play my guitar and i get it in the Left side only.

I have tried everything I can to put it right but nothing works.

Can anyone tell me for guitar,is the track Mono or Stereo?


Hello Eli

I tried that and it made no difference.

I bought the Logic Explained from Groove 3 but it does not tell me what I need to know.
I have only had my Mac for 2 weeks,and Logic for the same time.

These little teething troubles sure are annoying.




Hi Alan,

Can you give more specifics about your setup? for example:

Is your guitar electric or acoustic?

Plugged in to your audio I/O or mic'd?

What kind of audio interface, and preamps?

How is audio routed to your headphones with your audio hardware?

Do you hear both sides when monitoring through the main outs rather than headphones?

Are you using one of the Logic project templates?

Hi Eli

Guitar is fender Custom Shop Strat - into Maudio Profire 610 interface - Into Spirit Soundcraft M4 Mixer - into Logic Pro.

Headphones monitoring is via the Mixer.

If I load a backing track onto its own channel,which is set to stereo,I hear both Left and Right in the phones.

I think it has to be something to do with the track and plugins I am using.

Plugins used are PSP 608 Echo - Amp Designer,that's all.
I also have Waves GTR 3,and the same thing happens if I use that instead of Amp Designer.

I am not using a Template,I chose New,and set the tracks up manually.

Hope this helps

Thank You

What Eli said.

You are recording to a stereo track, unless you have a stereo guitar, you are indeed recording left or right.

Start off with a mono audio track. If you want it to be stereo just add stereo effects.


Guitar is fender Custom Shop Strat - into Maudio Profire 610 interface - Into Spirit Soundcraft M4 Mixer - into Logic Pro.

Hi Alan,

Sorry, I'm not quite following you. I don't understand your setup. You say that your guitar is going into the M-Audio interface. The interface is then outputting to your mixing board? And then the mixing board is outputting to Logic? How is the audio actually getting into your computer from the mixing board?

This seems like somewhat of a kludgy setup. If this is in fact your signal flow, maybe the problem has to do with the panning or routing on mixing board setup somewhere.

When you plug your headphones in to your mixer, are you hearing the guitar through both channels before it hits Logic, before anything is even record enabled in Logic?

How is the output from your computer being fed back in to the mixer? Or is that going straight to the M-Audio interface? Wait, it must be going back to the mixer first somehow if you are hearing the backing tracks through headphones plugged in to your mixer. I'm confused! :confused:
Problem sorted.

It was the software mixer for the MAudio interface that was set incorrectly.

I had the wrong set of sliders raised.

Thanks for the help