Logic Pro 9 Space Designer Remembering Impulse Response Locations


Hi All,

I have some of my old impulse responses and Space Designer presets on my system from older versions of Logic. Every time I call up one of the older presets, I am prompted to search for the necessary impulse response. I locate it manually and all is fine. But is there any way to have Space Designer remember where all of these impulse responses are? Next time I try calling up another patch I am prompted to search for the IR again. It is a big PITA.

FWIW, I have these "old" impulse responses stored in an impulse response folder in my User --> Application Support --> Logic folder.

Any ideas?
I believe that the only three locations that Logic is hardwired to remember IR locations from is the Apple-generated Impulse Response folders (in Library/Application Support/Logic and ~/Library/Application Support/Logic) and in the Project folders for your project if you have "Include assets" and copy Impulse Responses checked. It won't remember them from user locations, no matter where they are.

You can, however, create folders inside the Apple-generated Impulse Response folders.

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Hi Orren,

Yeah, thanks. It does help. You've given me an idea.

For some reason, on my install there is no automatically generated IR folder inside the Application Support --> Logic folders - either global or user. Instead, the automatically created IR folder is in Library --> Audio --> Impulse Responses --> Apple.

I'm going to try moving the "old" IRs to that location in the User folder and see what happens....
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Just tried shifting the impulse responses to User --> Audio -- Impulse Responses. It doesn't seem to help. Once you open a preset and locate the IR, it does seem to remember it. But it doesn't seem to scan them all automatically, which is a drag. It means each time you open a previously unused setting, you have to locate the IR manually. Oh well :(
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I've encountered this same problem. I understand that Logic 9's default IR location is /Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/Apple but I have had my IRs saved on a different drive since Logic 8 with no problems at all. It's now slightly annoying having to go and find this folder the first time in a Logic session, but it does this EACH TIME I go to select a different IR while auditioning IRs. It ignores wherever the most recent IR may have been loaded from and perpetually defaults to that top-most folder of /Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/Apple.

I can understand this behavior for the first IR, but why for every subsequent IR I load? (I read something about enabling spotlight, but I don't know if that applies here.)

So the short question is: Is there any way to override this default folder location?

Otherwise, if I DO move all my (hundreds and hundreds) of IRs to this default location, is it going to remember specifically from where I load stuff or will it always default to the top-most folder location? Really a pain...
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Forgive my ignorance, but wouldn't this be a perfect use for an alias folder inside the /Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/Apple folder? Or am I missing something?
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Yes, that may partly work, but the question still remains (I'd be assuming) why Logic's SD isn't defaulting to the location of the last-loaded IR. This is standard OS X behavior, isn't it?
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I have long since abandoned my quest to make computers work the way they're supposed to, and turned my focus instead on making them work the way I want them to :)
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Weird that an IR folder is automatically created in the Audio folder, but Logic is hard wired to see them in the locations that Orren mentions.

I have 3rd party IR stored in the User>Library>Application Support>Logic>Impulse Response folder. Channel strips created on my MBP for Bass Amp that include SD with an Ampeg speaker IR, load correctly when they're copied over to the Mac Pro.
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