Logic Pro X Space Designer vs. Altiverb?

Logic's bundled effects are incredible for a DAW, especially at the price, but I'm aware that third party dedicated offerings sometimes best it.
So for those of you who've spent time with both, how does Space Designer match up to the mighty Altiverb?

Roger Jackson
Cambridge UK


Altiverb offers more user-friendly parameters and a considerably more generous IR library. You will also find that Altiverb is more resource hungry than Space Designer, (understandably!). But for the price vs of what you get, Space Designer smokes out any competition. One thing to consider, Space Designer is useful only when used with Logic.


I'll give you this. Space designer kicks AV ass. I sold my Altiverb not long ago and don't miss it at all. Space designer is an awesome Logic plug. Hell- ALL the Logic Plugs are awesome.

The other fight you posted between the M7 and SD is rigged though. lol. :p


To be honest, the feeling I have is that the site results are biased by the number of respondents, which consequently advantages Space Designer because it is more widely used, compared to its competitors (as it is free)...

Peter Ostry

Staff member
To be honest, the feeling I have is that the site results are biased ...
The site has no idea about the meaning of your words. It simply works with search engine statistics. Funny idea but only a comparison of common keywords.

Ah, by the way, if you don't know which
reverb to get, take an orange instead:
Reverb vs Orange