Specific Frequency Generator with real control?


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Hello everyone,

For awhile now I wanted to try to look into using specific frequencies for midi\AU bits in Logic 8. I'm interested in generating frequencies that are basically not logistically sound.

What I basically need, if possible, is to be able to enter a specific numeric frequency (ie 439.999 instead of 440, or 234.244, arbitrary), and have real control over it. Say, something more exact than the Test Oscillator, with the ability to say map specific frequencies to keys on a midi keyboard or have actual rhythmic control over it. Even better, to pop it through one of the soft synths and get something close to a quarter tone.

I really don't know if this is even possible. I somehow got into having a few tracks with test oscillators (running with a constant tone :/ ), whipped out a calculator and started trying to gather certain beating rhythms. I have more uses - I want to try to work on a blank slate of making scales based on mathematics, which has been done, sure, but.

Is there any way to do this? Maybe there's a way to use the test oscillator differently?

Alternatively, is there a tuner AU that can manage to read out frequency? Or can the one in Logic accomplish this? I could at least tune a guitar to specific frequencies then.

I looked into some other possibilities - like MetaSynth, for example - but can't seem to find anything, and Googling for the last few hours has turned up almost nothing but a sweep generator. Maybe I don't know exactly what to search for. I investigated Microtuners, but I'm not sure if that's what I need. I could theoretically pitch bend on my midi keyboard, but I want to have a more definite ability at it. Do I have to just drop it and get a music programming environment (ie MAX\MSP) or something?

Sounds like you are going for FM, frequency modulation. There are a couple of FM synths out and Logic itself has one. But I don't know if you find one that allows precise frequency values in the .000 range. This would not make sense for a normal synth. However, you may find a synth that allows microtuning.

If you want to develop something from ground up then Max/MSP would be the way to go. Although, I am not sure if it allows the frequency accuracy you are talking of.

I just wonder what your vision is. For exploration, innovation and development the mathematical approach is ok. If you want just to play with phase cancellation and LFOs then a synth or a couple of effect plugins like Fabfilter Timeless might be more fun. People have developed all kinds of frequency games over the years.

Another thought: have you looked into the Logic tuning tables? I did never play with them but they should be accurate because they are for microtuning.