Specific noise removal from vocal track?


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Having a difficult time trying to edit a podcasting/audio book project. Great material, but need to edit out breathes and lip noises in between audio samples. Granted, I am new to Logic and the system that I am familiar with was SONAR 4 or something near that. I know that it has to be possible, sonar had a sample editor that would identify a specific frequency or noise and then remove it from any selection of the audio clip. Have tried various plug ins like EQ, whacked out compressor, de-esser, and some other limiter/gate type things.
Any ideas? I do not want to manually go through the entire material and adjust levels piece by piece if I can help it. (10 hours of audio material at least)

Running Logic 7 on OSX 10.5.8 on a G5 machine with Presonus interface and gear.

Hey inyeshuassteps,
I don't know if this will be of any help to you but the Strip silencer can be quite handy.
Select Region>Control/X
Thanks jayfolland, that's what I've been having to do lately, it's just that there is 8 hours of audio material to manually go through (I'm down from 10 now). The denoiser helped, though I put it at a very low setting so as not to adversely affect the sound quality of the vocal. It is an amazing piece, the author was the narrator, he was able to give a lot of character to the reading; a lot of animation and emotion. Beyond good quality mics and studio capture. But I'm stuck with the breaths and smacks.
What is your experience with logic? What are some features that you like best/use most? Greetings from NYC
I like the Environment window, I also really love it how you can get behind the Scene with the automation and copy multiple copys, shorten sections, mute sections etc, all effortlessly, that is why i like logic because things are quick, navigation is amazing and the different options for doing different operations are great.
But the main thing i like and to me the most important thing is when i come off the piano with an idea i can sketch it up really quickly with out time consuming barriers.

Doug zanger and Eli Krantzberg who post on this forum, do some great tutorials On http://www.groove3.com
Im sure there would at least a dvd containg at least one tutorial related to the problem you are facing.
Also Macprovideo.com do some pretty good tutorials as well.
Also SFLlogicninja has some very helpful tips> if you type in "Logic tips#" into youtube that should bring you to SFLlogicninja, im sure he will have something that is relavent to you current editing needs.

Good luck