Logic Pro 9 Spirit 328 as Logic Control Surface


Hello, all -

I would like to set up the Spirit 328 as a control surface for Logic 9. What is the best way to do this? Can one use one of the Control Surface presets already built into Logic (such as the HUI or others)? Or does one need to manually set up all controller assignments? Hopefully there is no need to make a complicated Environment set up.

Also, does anyone know why AudioMIDI Setup (MacOS X Utility) shows no MIDI input from the Spirit 328? AudioMIDI Setup is in test mode, and shows MIDI input fine from other external hardware. The 328 is in MIDI Control Mode (the 4th fader bank, with all 3 fader bank buttons unselected). Oddly, Logic's transport bar does show MIDI input when moving the 328's controllers, so something seems odd here.

Thank you for any guidance!

Hi mk3,

I have never used a Spirit 328 but I did find a user guide on the Soundcraft.com website.
In the quick start guides section of the manual (beginning on p138) eMagic Logic 4 is mentioned.

I haven't read through it so I don't know how much help it will be but it might be a good place to start.
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Dear Robert,
Thank you for the reply...Yes, I have read that section and applied its info to the extent possible. Unfortunately it's written for Logic 4, as you note, and also is rather sketchy in the details of what is possible. So I am still hoping to hear of experiences from others who have been working with the combination of Logic 9 and the Spirit...

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