Logic Pro 9 SPL Feature?


I may be slow on the uptake here, but I just noticed in Logic 9.x
that on the top of the song position line there is now a green triangle. (I saw that first up) but I noticed the other day that if I click hold on this triangle and move my mouse up & down my tracks/takes zoom in or our respectively!

Now that is really cool feature for me as I can now zoom in exactly where my SPL is currently at.

I've been using this for the past few days and have really begun to enjoy it as another zoom function.

of course you may all aknow this feature, but I just 'found' it!.


It's been there since Logic 8. But they've improved in in Logic 9 by making it easier to "see" the zoom zone by marking it with that triangle. Before (in L8) it was hard to know exactly where you were clicking. So, inevitably it would zoom when you didn't want it to, and not zoom when you did want it to! It's much easier now to be accurate with your intentions😀
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It's a feature I first saw in Steinberg's Nuendo (maybe WaveLab?) many years ago which works brilliantly there. In earlier versions of Logic it was implemented in a clumsy way (so I never used it), but in Logic9 it works great.

By the way, you don't need to grab the top of the SPL for this to work: You just grab in that location along the timeline, and then drag up or down to horizontally zoom.
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Funny that!
I've been using logic since like forever but I didn't notice it in Logic 8.

I guess sometime I just get use to doing things a certain way and don't check everythiing out thoroughly enough. I'll have to do better! or maybe it's just those long days & sleepless nights.

thanks guys
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Just to add to this: if you set your display preferences to the wide playhead option, the little triangle at the top disappears. It's only there with the "regular" playhead line width.

And I agree with zerobeat. It's great that it is implemented so nicely now in Logic 9 compared to before; where it was difficult to be certain if you were in the "zoom zone" or not. .
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