Logic Pro 9 split by locaters often a fraction out.


Hi, Ive just upgraded to Logic 9 and luv it, however split by locaters often cuts the loop a fraction out even tho the cycle is the correct length it often cuts short.Even stranger is that if I drag the cycle to another part of the same audio to cut it often cuts it to the correct length.Im only trying to cut 1 bar, the same seems to be happening with the scissors if I try to cut manually.
Any ideas?
Thanks :)
Just to rule out the obvious: Are you using the split at locators command, or the split at rounded locators command? The difference between the two functions could account for the discrepancies you are experiencing.
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Mmmm I dont know of those commands im using the 'split by locators' button in between 'insert section ' and ' split by playhead'....It works sporadically sometimes cutting fine and other times a tiny bit out.As I said I have checked my loop cycle is the correct length.
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That could very well explain the inconsistent behavior. When flex is on and regions are sliced; it is "virtual". They are not really stretched physically - so what you see isn't necessarily exactly what you get in terms of visual representation of lengths.
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HI, have tried without flexi on ,same.Interestingly if I split by locaters or crop if at the original tempo or less of audio it cuts fine but if I increase tempo by more than 1 bpm it cuts it a fraction out. Ive tried this only as a test as obviously the loop would be out against click any way.Im trying this on a bounced track that has had the tempo changed prior to bounce to avoid flexi issues.mmmm confused.And as I said earlier only on 1 bar loops and usually not on 2 or more.
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split by locaters still often a fraction out.The mystery thickens.

Hi, I posted a thread a few days on this 1 but no joy yet .Flexi is off and my latest discovery with it cutting the loop short is it cuts fine if I drag the loop to the next 4 bar cycle and move the cycle loop to this bar.So it seems its the bar its at that dictates if the cut is ok or a fraction out.
Confused ,not half ,any takers? Ta
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Are there any tempo changes involved? That would explain the region length appearing to be different lengths.
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There are no tempo changes involved.By moving the audio file to another bar it cuts fine.Snap to zero is off also. Ive also found this link but they dont seem to relsolve it here either and it was 5 years ago.Before my update from Logic 8 to 9 last week this was not an issue.Am pulling my hair out.
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In addition if i reduce the tempo by 1 bpm or more it cuts region to cycle length precisely.If I edit the audio in sample editor I can move the end anchor point to the length it should have cut to but this is tedious.Or I could move the audio I want to cut to the next bar and it cuts fine.
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FYI I joined the two threads you started on this subject together. There is no need to start more than one thread about the same issue - you will get read.

kind regards

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I can't get this to NOT work perfectly in all contexts I try it in.

Does it also happen on MIDI regions? If so, create a minimal song with a MIDI region that exhibits the problem you're having and then email me that song to zerobeat@goodmedia.com. Make sure you zip it first (right-click on the file and choose "Compress..."

Make sure to provide exact instructions on how to recreate your problem. Put those instructions in the Project Notes of the Logic song.

Also include more information: exact computer, operating system version.
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My "Spidy sense" is thinking that it might have something to do with the delay compensation... have you tried this on a new clean Logic session with no other data, and one that has a bunch of plug-ins? Ot have you tried playing with the delay compensation settings from none to instruments to all?

Fiddle around with that and let me know what happens. I have a hunch that is the reason.
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Georgelegeriii......I like the 'spidey sense' thing but no luck with delay compensation settings.Still the same.

Error splitting/cutting is sometimes but infrequently on logic loops and always on my audio ive recorded.However as the mystery thickens it appears to only affect arrange tempos at 127 and 128bpm. for example if i have a song with audio recorded at 125 bpm it cuts fine but if i change the song tempo to 127 or 128 it cuts the loop out.If I increase the tempo to 130 it cuts fine.I realise this will make the audio out of sync with the click it is only as a test. Ive read about magic tempos and different sample rates is this whats happening? Anything to do with import tempo info? As I said before flexi is off.
THIS ONLY HAPPENS ON LOGIC 9.1.1 not LOGIC 9...(for me)..
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