Logic Pro 8 split out regions what happened?


Not sure what I touched, I think I might have selected "new for selected regions" or something near that in that pull down ....but it selected a bunch of tracks both audio and midi and made the regions ( sequences- old logic term) into seperate tons of split tracks and I'm not sure how to get the tracks back together (can't find it in the manual either)
It sounds like maybe you somehow demixed by note pitch. Can't you just select them all and merge them? The key command is either = or control =, depending on your key commands.
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There were both midi and audio tracks that were split out. I think they were overlapped regions that were split to new tracks keeping their own origininal respective inst and audio tracks. I rather they not be merged when I get them back to one track. Some regions are muted but might be used. I can manually move everything back with a little(alot more) work but I just thought there must be a way to grab the regions and create a track with all those regions lined up the way they
were in that track
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