Logic Pro 9 splitting audio and midi files


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Hello All,
I have a workflow question:

Let's say I have an audio or midi file a ten bars long starting at bar 3. If I want to split it, I go to bar 5, get the scissor tool and click. Done. Is it possible to have a key command that avoids having to bring up the scissor tool? In Sonar 8-X2, I can move the cursor to the spot and just hit X and it cuts it. Is this possible in Logic 9? Thank you again.


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Thank you! I just assigned my key X to this command. Bravo!

Just something to consider: X is the default Logic key command for opening the mixer.

\ is the default key command for Split by Playhead Position.

You can certainly set up key commands that you're used to using in Sonar. It's pretty common for users to set up the most frequently used key commands in a prior DAW in the new one.

No left or right here, just user preference.:D

Another unique Logic way to split regions is to have Snap set to Bar( or maybe beat), then double click with the Marquee tool where you want to split the region. (It's a common set up in Logic to have the Pointer tool as the left-cick tool, and the Marquee tool as the command-click tool). No need to generally use the scissors tool.

Snip away;)
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Thanks for starting new thread and listing tech specs. I unfortunately can't give you any new tips as my two favorite ones have already been mentioned (split by playhead and using marquee tool). I will say that the marquee tool is very nice - spend a little time using it. The fact that it cuts regions by double clicking has pretty much eliminated me ever using the scissor tool.
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