SSD or 7200RPM external HD for storing and streaming samples, virtual instruments etc


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I am running Logic Pro 9 on a mid 2012 13" Macbook Pro. I am upgrading it to 16 Gigs RAM tomorrow to deal with my expanding set of virtual instruments and samples. However, my HD is also packed and I have to decide what external HD to get, to store what will soon be terrabytes of samples etc. Also, I need to be able to stream these instruments from the external HD to Logic. Now, the question is: what should I do? My budget is limited, but I would like to find out various options in order to assess whether or not I should change my mind and allocate more money to this expansion, or whether perhaps there are more cost-effective solutions.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Are you SURE you will need to stream?

If you need capacity SSDs are not cheap, I've yet overload a 7200rpm drive even on FW400.



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Thanks for responding. Well, I think so, I need the external HD to store my vi instruments, but I also need to be able to load them all simultaneously into different tracks in Logic for composing. So that would mean I am streaming off of the HD, right? Or is there another very obvious solution I am missing here...

Thanks again