Logic Pro X SSL Delta users.


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Hi there. This my first post. I have been using Logic for years and now Logic Pro X.
I have come across a limitation.
I use a Solid State Logic Matrix Analogue automated console. The console has automation mode for the control of a DAW and analogue complete with motorized faders. Just as all the SSL consoles these days. All good.
The new Delta upgrade from SSL has an plug in option to control the 16 faders for analogue automation now simple compared to before where you had to create 16 midi tracks in your DAW. Works in all DAWs including. Logic X.

It also has a second individual control plug in for individual channels to make life simpler when you want to assign faders to only certain tracks as you build them, together with more functionality then the 16 channel version above.
The dilemma? This second option does not work in Logic as with any other DAW because Logic has a limitation that will only let you write automation with one plug in at a time. Bizarre. If you use analogue gear as I do, you have your outboard gear on the board sends as they are pre fader so you dont very levels going to your outboard when you change levels on the motorizex faders. So DAW automation doesn't facilitate this. Its good to have a work around with the 16 channels but it is a bit annoying when it comes to screen real estate.

Has anyone come across this before? Has anyone brought this to the a
Apple people.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? I am surprised this has been overlooked.

Hello everyone by the way. Glad I migrated to this site.