Logic Pro 8 Standalone G-Player MIDI setup with Logic 8?


Hi all,

I've been wanting to try out the standalone version of the G-player app with Logic but have not managed to get any MIDI signal routed to it.

I've used the plugin G-player version just fine, but I'm trying to get the standalone version to work so that I can use the Vienna symphonic library performance tool (a must for anyone working with orchestral instruments).

So far, when I create a new track in Logic and specify "external MIDI" I don't see anything that says G-player or any universal "MIDI out" (all I see is my USB E-mu xMIDI connector).

Has anyone succeeded in getting Logic to work with the standalone g-player?
I am pretty sure that you can still get the performance tool for Logic if you contact VSL. You can convert the giga library to EXS, and you are good to go.


Thanks George. I have the performance tool, but my understanding was that EXS couldn't interface with any external MIDI app (like a perf tool)...which is why I was looking at the perf tool + g-player option.
You are misunderstanding: the performance tool and giga to exs all happen in Logic, so you don't need to use any other apps or "stuff" to make it work.


I know EXS can convert standard giga files (most of them, anyway) but I'm pretty certain that Logic & EXS don't have any of the functionality of the VSL performance tool--which was only ever developed for controlling VSL "performance" files.

In fact I've been in contact with VSL about this topic and they've said as much. Whether you use EXS or Kontakt, Halion, or G-player, you still need the perf tool for properly controlling legacy VSL performance files.

Or are they talking rubbish and you have this working in EXS? Tell me you have! :D
As I now understand, the performance tool was removed from Logic from V8... And now that i understand things with a better idea of what is going on, all I can suggest is upgrade to Special Edition or something like that.

The older libraries were exs/giga back about 4 years ago (I did a big install for a composer that took about 19 hours to install and convert the whole thing to exs... and yes, there were many issues, I don't think it was able to work as intended).

My apologies, i was under the impression that that code was still part of Logic.
I've been wanting to try out the stand-alone version of the G-player app with Logic but have not managed to get any MIDI signal routed to it.
Have you tried running the G-Player stand-alone version on a separate computer, tying the two computers together with wordclock, etc?


Actually, I have managed to get a signal to it but not routed via the VSL perf tool...which is the whole point.

I already have the perf tool working on a PC but it's old, gigastudio is clunky, and Logic's sequencer and environment are far more streamlined for composition than Cubase etc. So I've been trying to get this all working on one OS X system...so far without too much success.