Logic Pro 9 Step input from USB midi device (Yamaha EZ-EG)


I am getting input into Logic. I can see notes and chords appear in the control bar. I am missing something very basic because I cannot make it record in step input. I did this:
1. Options - Step Input Keyboard,
2. create an empty MIDI region on a MIDI or MIDI Instrument track.
3. click the MIDI In button next to the local menu bar of the Event List, the Piano Roll Editor, or the Score Editor,
4. open piano roll cmd 6
If I hit the record button, it plays and I can record in the track playing the EZ guitar, but I don't want to play along. I want to go slowly and play one chord at a time. So how do I make it record without playing? The Step Input Keyboard is visible and I can enter notes by clicking on it, but I want to enter notes from my Yamaha EZ-EG one step at a time.