Logic Pro 9 step-input keyboard and octave


I prefer to not use a separate midi keyboard which are expensive and break easily, and have been using the step-input one instead. (I have been playing, at least at home, my acoustical piano so it's not as through I'm lazy.)

But the step-input cannot apparently be adjusted to my preference for C4 as middle C and I have to put it in as C3 instead; but this can get confusing after a while. Is there something I'm overlooking in the preferences or should I use the computer keyboard or virtual keyboard instead?
Good question - I futzed around with it and could come up with nothing to change the C3 to C4. Maybe someone else has an idea that works. Otherwise, plan B is the way to go........
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I thought so. Strange that after this limitation there are other options in the step entry such as the chord and channel options.

But thanks anyway Doug.
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