Logic Pro 9 Step Sequencing Questions



I'm just starting to learn my way around Logic, and one of the first
things I need to do is to use it as a step-sequencer.

Right now I need to make a song that has two MIDI parts in it. I
completed the first part earlier today by adding a MIDI track in
Logic, setting the song's tempo, and then entering each note of my
sequence (a 16 bar phrase composed entirely of sixteenth notes)
manually using the keyboard that pops up when you choose it from one
of the pull down menus (I forget which menu it was, and I don't have
Logic open at the moment).

I then saved that track as a MIDI file and opened it in another host
(Live 8) and assigned the appropriate virtual instrument to it. So
far, so good.

I still have one more track to make. This time the track is a very
simple "drone" or sustained chord (actually it's just an Ab5
interval...it's not even a chord) that lasts for the full duration of
the 16 bar phrase. How can I enter MIDI events that will not have
short note values, but rather will sustain the interval throughout the
16 bars, and how can I make sure that there is no obvious glitch or
volume peak when the phrase restarts (I will be looping it)? (I do
have an external MIDI keyboard, so I'm not limited to typing on my
computer's keyboard)

Another question: When I created the first MIDI track, I selected the
Grand Piano as my General MIDI instrument. It didn't matter to me what
the instrument was, since I was going to be importing the file into
another host anyway and assigning a VI to it. But the strange thing
was that I could not hear my sequence when I hit playback. The track
levels indicated that *something* was happening, but I heard no audio
at all from my computer's internal speakers--and my computer was not
connected to my MOTU interface, so there were no monitor speakers
involved. What did I do wrong? It would be nice to hear the tracks as
I create them.

Last question: When I use the step-sequencer, or when I create any
external MIDI track in Logic, am I confined to assigning General MIDI
instruments only, or can I assign any of my (considerable) AU plug-
ins, or even an external hard synth to the track(s)?

Lots of questions, I know...but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Hi Jeff. I think you should spend some time with the manual. It will really help. The questions you ask are very basic to Logic, but hard to respond to briefly in a post. I think you would get a lot more value out of reading the manual or at least searching for answers to your questions in Help menu of Logic.
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