Logic Pro 8 Stereo mixdown w/Glue Tool


I'm working with Logic Express 7, and I have a question about performing digital mixdowns with the glue tool.

The user manual says:
No mixdown occurs when you try to mix two Regions on tracks that are panned to opposite sides.

...and I've found this to be true. It then goes on to say you CAN do exactly that:

If you want to combine both sides of a stereo audio file (a mono channel on each of two tracks), first set the pan controls of the component mono sides to hard left and hard right, respectively.

...and, of course, I can't figure out how to make it do this (didn't I just read, and confirm by trying, that it CAN'T do this?)
Thoroughly confused; a little frustrated. What am I missing here? Any help?



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Hi Ivan. Here is what I think. Please forget my English...

I guess you can´t "glue" two different channels or tracks (audio) but you could bounce them into one, muting every other track and then clicking "bounce". It should provide a new audio file (in the place you said logic to put it), and then you could brig it into your arrange window and keep working...
Hope this could help you, if not, I am sorry.
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