Stop the fans on a Mac?

Andre Favreau

As I was looking for ideas to reduce computer noise from my Mac Pro, I just remembered that a few years ago, some hard disk recorders such as Roland would simply stop the fan when pressing record, but start again as soon as you pressed stop.

-So I'm wondering, is there anything like this that exist for Logic?
-Is there any solution that would allow you to temporarily stop the fans and make sure everything is ok?

Thanks for your help

I would suggest that you might not wanna do that. These computers heat up fast if they are doing allot of processing, and you could easily blow up your system.

I would suggest that you might want to built or have someone build you a computer box. I have one, it's large enough for my system, and cuts out almost all the noise it makes.
Yeah I see.

Building a box can be done, but adding fans is a bit more tricky. Do you have to do that or is a box good enough.

I don't need to reduce mine a lot, because it's in another room, but I can still hear it a bit when recording acoustic guitars...
Mine is blocked off on 7 sides, and the back is opened slightly so I can get air in and out without any other fans going. It cuts down on quite a bit of the noise the system makes, so it's pretty quiet.

I used to have fans in the case, and I removed them when the power block failed. I'd like to replace them with a computer kit that allows for variable speed (something like a computer fan kit) then I can turn the thing up or down as needed.

That said, even without fans and the back cracked, it gets rid of 3/4 of the computer noise, and if I set up a few baffles (made from fabric and cheap Ikea cloths racks) it's as quiet as most pro studios...

Get one of these:

And drape a blanket or sheet over it for a quick and dirty gobo (a gobo is a divider used in pro studios).

Here is a gobo... a little big, but it gets the idea across:

good luck!
With the plans provided, you don't think it can get too hot in there?

I'm also thinking of having no bottom. This would allow me to only cover the mac when recording through mics, which is a small % of what I do (Ac Gt and vocals only). What do you think?