Logic Pro 9 Storing custom created patches in Logic Pro 9?


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I am a beginner and looked in the manuals but cannot find an answer to my question.

Can I create custom patches in Logic Pro 9 and store them? For example, can I add delay and reverb to a church bell sound ( as an example ) and then call it "churchbelldelay" and have this patch in a library?

I am thanking you in advance for any answers. Thanks!

In Logic you can create a channelstrip with all plugins you need, save it as "Channelstrip Setting" and recall it whenever you want. Even via MIDI if desirable.
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In addition to channel strips (as Peter mentioned above), you can save custom patches for everything in Logic - synths, samplers, EQ settings, reverbs - the lot.

To save a channel strip:
Click-hold the top slot of a channel strip.
Select [Save Channel Strip Setting as..]

To save a modified patch or EQ or reverb:
Click-hold in the slot on the plug-in where the name of the current setting is shown.
Select [Save Setting as...]

By default, Logic takes you to the correct folder to store such settings. Your user settings are here:
Macintosh HD/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Logic
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In addition?
It's the same. You explained what I just mentioned

I was talking about saving settings of individual plugins, as opposed to all the settings in a channel strip.

I did elaborate on how to save in both cases - just trying to be helpful, as always. 😎
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