Logic Pro 9 Strange Compatibility Issue

Hey great site! Just discovered it. I have a problem though... I just redid my system after a few years and now Logic is saying my version of MAC OSX isn't compatible. Yet just a month ago it worked fine. Nothings changed, using Version 10.7.4 with Logic 9 with latest updates.

Any ideas of something I may have done wrong?
OK, this sounds a bit confusing so let me try and clarify: 1) Your system WAS working. 2) You redid your system, up to 10.7.4 and what you thought was the current Logic Pro 9.1.7, and 3) now Logic doesn't work.

OK, what computer we talking about. and then you select Logic and get info on it, what does it say? PPC version, or????
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Ok simple version...

My MacPro WAS running 10.7.4 and Logic 9 (fully functional) about 2 weeks ago, but was running sluggish and I hadn't redone this system since 2006, so it was due for an overhaul.

After the clean install of everything, (again 10.7.4) try to run Logic and get a message saying Logic is not compatible with this version of Mac OSX. The same version that I was running 2 weeks ago and it was working.

I have my old OS system drive that I can swap back in to use Logic, but I don't want to shut down, and swap drives every time I want to use Logic.

Seems highly irregular and a bit frustrating. Any help would be great. (im currently using my laptop so I can at least get work done)
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Just copy the version of Logic from your backup.

10.7 removed Rosetta, so the Logic Pro installer must have been older, and therefor not fully intel compatible, hence the alert. Just a theory, but hey. makes sense.

So, open the drive image, go to the application folder on it, and just copy the version of Logic Pro in your new drives Applications folder.

Now, remember: once you place Logic Pro on your new system, you are going to have to download the jam pac files... go to the main Logic Pro menu, and select "download additional material". That will put back the content files Logic needs for the EXS samples, etc.
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