Logic Pro 8 strange loss of organs

everything is normal in my Logic 8 except that neither Logic's EVB3 or Native Instruments B4 will play. All other virtual instruments work normally. This just occurred, apparently within the past few weeks. I'm baffled...ideas welcomed.

OSX 10.4.11, dual 1.25 G4
I know nothing of NIB4, but for EVB3, check that you are sending the right MIDI channel info to it. Try changing the channel of the stuff you're sending to 2 or 3. See Chapter 22 of the Logic Studio Instruments and Effects manual.
thank you, apparently the B4 and EVB3 only receive on channels 1,2, and 3, which play the upper and lower manuals, and bass pedals, respectively. I don't know if this was always the case, however; it always bothers me when something changes apparently at random.
As far as I remember it has always been this way - are you saying that something else has randomly changed your MIDI channel? That would be weird!
yes, I believe that the default setting was changed from "channel 1"to "all". And that would be weird, but somehow not surprising! I've copied what I wrote in response to a PM about this subject below:

>in the inspector box, set the MIDI channel to channel 1, 2, or 3, which will play the upper manual, lower manual, or bass pedals respectively. At least that's what happens on the Native Instruments B4. On the EVB3, it seems like that might be what's happening, but you don't have a visual picture of the entire instrument, so you don't "see" the keys movings. There are three different sounds, though, depending on which channel you select.

Logic 8 currently seems to default to a MIDI channel setting of
"all", which doesn't allow the EVB3 or B4 to work at all. Other virtual instruments seem to work fine set this way. The thing that's strange is that I didn't reset any MIDI channels since the last time I used either organ, and they used to work fine. I can only assume that the last update changed something.

I opened up Logic 7 to check and the default was channel 1, all the instruments worked on all channels except EVB3 and B4, which only worked on 1,2 and 3 exactly as in Logic 8. So it would appear that perhaps the default settings were changed.<
This would be a good FAQ item.
Thanks for following up on this.
yeah I supposed it would, although it could be just a problem du jour that
anyone wondering about would find with a search. It there even a FAQ section? This forum is so new and I haven't really explored it yet...was on the Yahoo LUG for years but rarely went there anymore.
Phew, I though this thread was all about the illegal harvesting of spleens and kidneys etc. from live victims.

Logic 8 currently seems to default to a MIDI channel setting of"all", which doesn't allow the EVB3 or B4 to work at all.
A MIDI channel of ALL means that it relies on the MIDI channel of the incoming controller keyboard itself. So if your keyboard happens to be set to 1,2 or 3 anyway, then a MIDI channel of ALL in Logic means that either the upper, lower or bass would work in EVB3 (or I guess B4, although I don't know it well).

If your keyboard was set to 4 or higher, then it won't work.