Strange MIO mixer Issue


Hello Allan

I'm experiencing a very odd issue:

I'm sending tone out from Logic to all 8 analog outputs on my 2882. All the meters on the Hardware are showing tone BUT the MIO mixer shows no meter signal on channel 8 even though hardware shows signal. When I move the fader the hardware meter increases and decreases appropriately but nothing on the Mixer. Also the MIO Console is showing tone on its meter.... very odd.

Attached is both the mixer configuration and a screen shot of the Mixer, MIO console and Logic. All settings are exactly the same on channels 1 thru 8.

DSP usage is only 21%


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Allen Rowand

This is because you created a mix bus for every DAW channel, and MIO Console will only provide metering for 7 busses at this time.

You don't need those busses; simply assign the Analog outs to the post-insert direct outs of the DAW channels. I've attached a corrected copy of your setup.



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