Logic Pro 8 Strange problem with Logic


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Please can any body help me!

I have been running Logic 8 in conjunction with a MOTU 192 fairly successfully for over a year now but have developed a very weird problem today.

When recording into Logic I do get signal going in but nothing coming out

E.g. I have a Microphone connected to Input 1 on MOTU and signal shows up both on the MOTU meter bridge and on the relevant channel inside logic. However if the Logic channel is routed to Out 1-2 nothing is showing up there on either the MOTU or Out 1-2 on the logic mixer either.
On playback the sound is there and you can clearly see the waveform in the arrange page. In fact the recording seems to have happened entirely normally.
I'm wondering is there a setting that has been changed within Logic that has caused this problem. I have tried everything I can think of from restarting the program, the interface, the computer, relaunching the device inside logic itself etc... but nothing seems to be working.

Have sessions booked all week need to get this fixed asap......
What about the master fader?
You can easily pull it down accidently and then is silence in the room.

Or some routing to the Nirvana?
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LOL, that's the first time anyone's called me that :D

But I was actually just at a client's place doing some tech support the other day. He has a huge setup and had this exact problem - so it was fresh on my mind. Admittedly, it took me a good ten or fifteen minutes of tracing cables in his equipment room until I thought to check this. It's not obvious.
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