Logic Studio apps strange velocity problem in MS

Uwe Rodi

Hi together,
yesterday night I played my first gig using mainstage. I have an Masterkeybord which sends on channel one and a Nord Electro which sends on channel 15.
I also use a controller pedal which sends controller 7.
No I have a evp88 plug for the Masterkeyb. and transform the contoller 7 to controller 11. My savings were expression 53 as low reference and 127 as high ref.
After a while I noticed that that the setting was inverted and the new max. was on 0 and the min in 53.
This happens to some of my patches, not to all.
On another patch I use the TruePiano plugin. There suddenly was a velocity offset in the plugin of 72.
I fear that it has something to do with some controller events of the nord electro. It has many knobs and faders.
Is there a way to filter all incomming controller events (and maybe sysex events) on one in-channel?
I allready made a drawbars controller and set it to no midi-through and sending to nothing. Shure I can create a fader or button for every fader or button of the NE but this would make my screen full of things I don´t want to see.
Greetings Uwe