Logic Pro 8 Stuck Midi Notes on Extenal Midi Help!


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New user. I searched stuck Midi external and did not come up with any threads. I am new to logic.

I have Midi instruments on 2 PCs that I am controlling from a Mac with Logic. I frequently get stuck notes. I cannot find a way to work through it.

Any help will be appreciated.
In the lower right of the transport bar, double click on the "note out" field.It will send a "full panic" reset for all midi channels on all ports.
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Yea, I understand. But that is not the problem. I have a 15 minute orchestral project that I am bouncing stems for further recording. Throughout, some instrument will sick and ruin the bounce.

I have a PC running GigaStudio and a PC running VSTi instruments. I also use instruments internally in Logic. Just the external (both PC's stick). The PCs have RME cards for audio out and MIDI in.

I just though maybe there is an adjustment of some kind in Logic that will filter the midi data to try and stop the sticking notes. At this point, I cannot finish the project until I solve the problem.

But thanks for the advice.
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Isn't the problem with the PCs/gigastudio rather than Logic? MIDI is going out from Logic and only Audio is coming back in, so Logic can't do anything about what is coming in.

As long as note offs are going out (you can check this in the transport or with a monitor object in the environment, then I think your problem is elsewhere.
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Thanks for getting back and I will work through your suggestions.

One thing. When I look at the PC monitors in both GigaStudio and (I have a simple VST host on the other pc called cantibile), they show the Midi activity and occasionally one of instruments sticks in either PC. Given that is happening on both PC's I though it was the MIDI stream coming out of Logic.

It may be the MIDI interface between logic and the PC's. I am using a Digi003 for Midi out and I monitor on a Apogee Rosetta. Perhaps it is the MIDI in the Digi003. I usually use a MOTU Time Piece but it is not working. So maybe I should get a different Midi Interface.

Thanks for the suggestions. This is a helpful community.
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I haven't used external MIDI for years, but when I did, all problems with stuck notes were due to me changing patches in the external modules on the fly. Logic is pretty solid in that respect in my experience.
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