Logic Pro 9 Stuck midi notes with Garritan violin only


I emailed Garritan about this too bit thought I'd post this here just in case someone has some insight. When using the now discontinued Garritan Stradivarius Violin sample in the latest version of Kontakt 4x I inadvertently start to get midi notes hanging on playback. It doesn't happen at the same places and it seems to get worse the longer I'm working in the session. I don't have this issue with any other Kontakt samples or other VIs for that matter. I thought that maybe there might be some midi prefs I can experiment with in Logic that might resolve this. Or, it's just a quirk of this particular sample. I can't even bounce or freeze it as there will be stuck notes on the audio file. The only thing I've been able to so is to record it into an audio track in real time and monitor it, punching in when there's a stuck note. Thanks for any help.