Studio Monitors?


Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive pair of studio monitors. I've used KRK RoKit 5's in the past and am looking in that price range. I may be able to go as high as $400, I know that this is not the ideal price range, but it is what I can afford for now.

Currently, I'm using Logic 8 with a MacBook Pro (2.5GHz Intel 2, OS 10.5.8, 4 g SSD ram), and a Duet.

Thanks for your help.
Can I make an alternate suggestion: for $400 you can get an exceptional pair of headphones that would blow the doors off of any speakers for the same price.

That said, if I were you I would go with what you know... in practice, the time it would take to evaluate and then acclimatize to a new set of monitors would actually make it impractical to even move to something new, in the same dollar range. Why not save up and get something that you are sure will be a substantial upgrade to what you already have.

Also, aren't the RoKit 5's small? If so, a subwoofer would also give them a "new and improved" quality. A subwoofer, when set up correctly, can really make smaller speakers sing, since they no longer have to try and reproduce lower frequencies they can't reach, and with the high pass filters often integrated into a subwoofer can go much louder than before, since the low frequencies aren't trying to push the "woofer" cone on the speaker out of it's box.

Doesn't KRK even make a sub for this speaker?

Something to think about.


Thanks for the response.

I have a pair of good, not exceptional, headphones. I also have the VRM box, which I really like, but I miss having a decent pair of monitors. When I listen to music for an extended period of time, headphones can improve my focus, but "fatigue" my ears rapidly. Also, I tend to move around a bit so I'm not sitting for hours at a time.

In the past, I had a pair of RoKit 5's which I used with a BR 900 setup. I liked the KRK's very much, just wondered if there were a better pair of monitors (I realize that is subjective) in this price range.