Logic Pro X Studio Strings Issue

I think I discovered a small issue in the Studio Strings plugin programming.

If you select the Disco Strings patch and using the sustain articulation there are about 7 semitones of no sound just below middle C.

I actually came across it in MainStage on my Mac mini live rig but went to my studio tower in Logic Pro to confirm and found the same issue there.

I even tried completely reinstalling the whole Apple sound library in MainStage on the Mac Mini but the issue was still there.

Can one of you kind folks please check this on your system to see if it’s just me or maybe I’ve found a small bug.

Kind regards


Staff member
I didn't notice anything like that with studio strings here either Paul, tried on two macs, both running 10.4.3, one in OS 10.12.6, the other 10.14.2.

kind regards


Pete Thomas

Staff member
One thing about the disco strings is the huge jump in sample sound around A2 (I think) so you always need to be aware of that if using pads.
Thanks for the replies guys even though that’s a bit troubling. Pete, what do you mean “jump in sample sound”?

And Mark, when you tested you selected the disco strings patch?

Thanks again