Logic Pro 9 Stupid punch in question


This is probably stupid but I can't find it in the manual:

I want an automated cycled recording with a punch in region inside the cycle.

So, say I want bar 1-8 to repeat over and over but I only want to record on bar 3-5. Also I want each cycle to create a new region on top of the previous one.

So I set L/R to 1/8 and Punch In/Out to 3/5.
Press record.
Works nicely - one time!
Then goes out of record mode.


If I use cycle only it will record over and over - exactly like I want - but then I can not prelisten bars before the point where I want to record.
Alas, that's the way Logic works. Good feature request (I've asked for it, you can see my clout ;))

My work-around is to have enough pre-roll (read cycle area) to allow me to hit space bar and then the record key command. Not the best, but that's all there is.....
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