Suggestions for sweetening stereo mic track of live acoustic band performance.


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I am making a video of a live performance of a bluegrass band: acoustic guitar, upright bass, dobro guitar and lead singer. I recorded the audio with a Zoom H2n and I have a pretty decent stereo mic mix. How? By positioning the musicians around the mic - fancy! Any suggestions for sweetening the audio? I am posting here since this is essentially the same problem as mastering.

It was recorded outdoors away from any reflective surfaces, so there is no natural reverb of any kind. The performance is 100% acoustic - no amps, no PA, nothing. If reverb might help, any suggestions for what kind of Logic reverb to add? Any suggestions for sweetening/mastering? Any mastering things I've done in the past is multi-tracked studio things, so this is a new problem for me.



I've cooked up a meal. Should I add more spices to improve it ? Which ones ? How much ?

Seriously, without hearing anything, what's there to suggest ?
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Pete Thomas

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I would suggest you find a Logic stage ambience. Just a tad so it sounds more realistic. Then add a Nice Plate until it sounds like you can hear the reverb, then just back it off a bit.

If on a tight budget (assuming you are or you'd be going to a mastering engineer), I'd then do a bounce with no compression with loads of headroom and send it up to for a medium /Warm auto mastering.

Then see if you can do it as well yourself with Logic (multipressor etc) If not stick with what you got back from landr.