Logic Pro 9 Superior Drummer 2 In Logic 9

simon binks

I've just come out of a long concussion sustained when I had JUST received the new version of Logic (9) and Superior Drummer 2 but not had time to set it up before I fell.

The thing about concussion is that you're not really sure when you are completely out of it.

Logic 9 and Superior Drummer seem to have changed dramatically. I have Superior Drummer (SD) set up in the Environment page according to an online tutorial I found on youtube.

I set it up accordngly but the result is an arrange page that doesn't allow for independent tracks for independent recording of each part of the kit; a track for the kick, another for the snare, etc.

I can record them all on the one track but that's a nightmare when you have to go over parts, as the track has to be in non-destructive mode so as not to record over all the other components sharing the same track.

This is too scary and can't be right.

When I do record just a few parts, if I put the high hat down on the track that says 'Hi Hat' in the arrange window, it won't play back. It as to be on the Superior track in the arrange window, which is the ony window that has 'record' capability.

The other thing is that in the youtube movie, I saw no way to bounce the finished program down to individual audio tracks for each component as I used to with version 1.6 of DFH 1. It just shows how to bounce the entire kit to a stereo mix.

I've been searching the Net for weeks for some kind of tutorial but all I could find was the youtube movie which I followed but has left me in this position.

18 months ago, I purchased the fastest Mac you could get (8 core then), an Apogee Symphony 64 System with AD/DA 16x's, Waves Platinum, Dangerous Music 2 Bus lt, Isotope OCX, Komplete 6, Neumann U87 & Mohave Mics to add to an already impressive collection of mics, Genelec speakers, '64 & '55 Stratocasters, Taylor and 30's Gretsch accoustic, I could keep going for pages and this one thing is holding me up.

I would really appreciate help as I jst can't work this out. Is this still the concussion or is this unneccessarily complex?

I'm not familiar with addictive drums and finding the whole thing bloody confusing but if you think thast woud help, I would be eternally gratefull. I helped Gerhard Lengeling develop Notator Logic, well, he asked my opinion and I told him, I don'y know if he used any of what I said but the point is, this was 1989 when he gave me a copy and I'v been on it ever since.

I've always adapted and taught myself. This is the first time I've been totally confused but it is a double update and I'm told it is a big one for Logic. As I say, I'm not familiar with Addictive drums but if you think it would help, I'd really appreciate it. My email is simon@simon-binks.com.

Thank you so much Jay.

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