Logic Pro 9 Surround LFE send not working

Doug Zangar

Anyone doing surround mixing in Logic? I just started helping on a project and discovered the LFE send in the surround panner/balancer does not work.

Well, it does work - sort of. I created a test track with Logic's oscillator. The balancer LFE send works. This is a software instrument track. Try it on an audio track with a mono or stereo file, it does not.

The only way I've discovered to work around this to create an aux whose output is assigned to the LFE channel and and send to that.

The person I'm helping posted to this thread at LPH, for those who like screen shots. I added a follow up post. I filed a bug report with Apple as I think it's broken. FYI, I brought 2 test files used in Logic into Soundtrack Pro and its LFE send handled the files just fine.....

Insight appreciated.... Thanks

Doug Zangar

Update: Operator error, Logic is fine.

Lesson learned. If you have Multi-mono plug-ins on your channel strip, you cannot send signal to the LFE channel unless you are using a surround sound recording with LFE signal present. So if you want to send to an LFE channel from a mono or stereo recording, make sure there are no Multi-mono plug-ins in the strip.

You will be able to insert those plug-ins if you set your channel strip format to surround. I apparently did that and later changed the channel strip format to mono. The plug-ins don't change..... thus the problem.

Big tip of the hat to David Nahmani over at LPH for beating my head long and hard enough for me to get it. :thmbup: