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Hey Guys, I'm Tom.

I bought Apple Mainstage 2 today and am really loving the software only i have a problem.

*I have a Yamaha P-155 Keyboard with a plug-in sustain pedal connected by what i believe is a stereo jack...The old fat headphone plug.

Though the keyboard works fine but when I mapped it in MS2 this issue came up, When the sustain pedal was pressed, the pedal would go down, But so would the E (key) above Middle C (E3)


When i tried to change the data in the midi settings It simply erased the E and kept the pedal, obviously E is very important so i really need some help ASAP?

do i need a separate pedal? The computer picks up the midi through the keyboard so i don't understand why i can separate the input from the keys and the pedal?

The ass.. and mappings light up on
Channel 1
E3> Sustain 1> untitled content> send to all> Keyboard 1> 64 (sustain)

Channel 1-16
Unassigned> > Untitled concert> all channel strips
Notes> Keyboard 1> Untitled concert> Keyboard 1 Destinations...

Thanks in advance


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When you press the sustain pedal, what shows up in the MIDI activity window at the top of the concert? You should not see a pitch. If you do, the source of the problem is your keyboard, not MS.
If you see a MIDI pitch when you ONLY depress the sustain pedal then the pitch is coming from your keyboard and probably needs to be addressed there.

When I depress my sustain pedal, I only get CC 64 values of 0 and 127, no MIDI note information.

If you don't see a MIDI pitch when you depress the sustain pedal, then it's perhaps some mapping you did in MS or a corrupt concert. Consider opening one of the MS concert templates and see if the pedal works there. If you have the same problem I'd think it's a keyboard issue. If not, it's specific to that concert.

Lastly, if you find it specific to your concert you could try creating a new concert if you haven't gotten too far along. If it is the concert and you want to send it to me (e-mail), I'll take a quick look at it.